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Nickko (01) Miller

Comedy/Spoken, Easy Listening, Electronic


TANNOUS (23) Jean-Marc

Country, Folk, Pop

Nous sommes un groupe acoustique qui joue des reprises de chansons (contemporaines et plus anciennes) à notre sauce. Bien qu'acoustique, notre style est très souvent assez rythmé avec des chansons idéales pour faire bouger le public.

Vanessa (4_weeks_left) Bau

Pop, Rock

50 (50cent) cent

Avant-Garde, Classical, Electronic

Stefan (Abandoned) Atanasov


Elias (Absalainski) Absi


Dj Producer

Safa (A COEUR JOIE de Beyrouth) Paul René

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pierre (adeptus musicarum) monney

Blues, Rock, Hard Rock

Blake (Agent of Chaos) Carpenter

Rock, Electronic, Stage & Screen

Visual and Music Artist

Aigiza (AIGIZA) Iksanova

Jazz, Vocal, R&B

A singer based in Russia, touring in Europe.Gonna have a several gigs in Paris so stay tuned and see you on my shows!

Airstage (Airstage Academy Comedy) Comedy

This is the best Comedy Test Account available

alain (alain oueijan) oueijan

Rock, Blues

The idea of the band started out as a project in Lebanon featuring Guitar player Alain Oueijan with his brother bassist Paul Oueijan and drummer Pascal Elias, who were aiming to form a trio rock and funk band. The three musicians got together after a long time from previous collaborations that they had together with several artists and bands in the region and have had successful careers in the music industry in regional and international events and shows in addition to studio recordings and ...

Abi Sleiman (Alan Abi) Alan

Alan Abi is a Beirut based musician, producer and songwriter pursuing an Industrial/Electronic Rock oriented sound, playing original compositions and re-arranged covers with his band.

Alex (Alex) Alex

Avant-Garde, Blues, Children's