Why Airstage

Why Airstage™

The world is changing. The Live Entertainment industry has been shaken by streaming and the pandemic. There will be winners and losers. The way Airstage reinvents the Live Entertainment industry is by making all performers winners.

Our solution helps Artists and Venues make more money, become independent, and put their futures in their own hand’s thanks to Airstage’s beautifully designed and simple-to-use global app.


Founded by brothers, Michael and Bruno Aissaoui, Airstage’s mobile app enables performing Artists to manage their live performances, self-promote, establish and manage their fan-base, as well as monetize and sell merchandise through a digital payment system.


Airstage allows Fans to discover and geolocate real-time live events to follow and support their favorite Artists. Airstage is the Airbnb of Live Entertainment.


Simply download and enjoy the Airstage app! We are already operational. We have clients with active transactions on our platform. Airstage is a Super App! We combine a fintech technology payment system, a crowd analytics tool with geolocation, Artist-Fan Crowd Relation Management (CRM), and much more.

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