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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Stage Name

Top post 16/10/2021

Choosing a stage name can be tricky. There are a few things to be taken into account if you decide you’re going for something other than your real name:

1) Pick Something That You Like

The first step is pretty obvious. Try different things and select the one that you think suits you best. Whatever name you select, you have to keep in mind that moving forward, this will be the name everyone will know you under. It has to be a name you’re comfortable with.

2) Make it Easy to Remember and Pronounce

How many of you know who Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is? We thought so. We bet you’ve heard of Lady Gaga, though? Of course, you have. The nickname “Lady Gaga” sounds cool and there is a special meaning behind it. The iconic musician mainly gives credit to Rob Fusari (a music producer). Her voice and style reminded him of Queen’s song “Radio GaGa” — which is pretty legendary by itself. As you can notice, the stage name “Lady Gaga” is quick to memorize and rolls off the tongue easily.

3) Acquire Rights to the Name: 

Say you’re in a band. If (when) the band breaks up or a member leaves (knock on wood), who gets the right to use the band name? You should have a stipulation – if a member leaves, they lose all rights to the band name.

4) Select Something Timeless

You want to stand out but you want to keep it simple and timeless. Thirty years from now you will look back on your career and have that classic name that you picked. You will avoid the feeling of embarrassment while realizing “Wow! That “ a.k.a. Panda-spinner” was pretty lame!”. You’d probably rather keep your real name or maybe shorten it a bit. Trust us on this one!

5) Choose Carefully

You probably want something effective and clever. Just don’t overdo it, as you might end up with a confusing pseudonym.  Make sure you don’t end up with anything similar to “Dong Lover” like Childish Gambino. =]  Check out this hilarious video on how he came up with his stage name: