Frequently Asked Questions


AIRSTAGE is a mobile self-management tool for Artists.
It makes management of the Artists’ career easier for
crowd support, booking, and interaction with their Fans.
It is an excellent tool for Geo-locating hot new shows from emerging Artists.
Find out where their next performance is anytime, anywhere.
AIRSTAGE is available for both Android, iOS.
Artists, Fans, Venue Owners,
Festival and Event Organizers.
ARTISTS can create events, get noticed easily by Venue owners and producers, grow their Fanbase, geolocate your event, and get cashless support.

FANS interact closer with your favorite Artists, support and book them cashlessly, find where they are performing anytime, anywhere Live or Streaming.

VENUES can add more customers and book hot new AIRSTAGE talent.

ARTISTS and VENUES also benefit from ENHANCED ANALYTICS of their events.

FESTIVALS can have their Event app created within 24 to 48 hours and have, PERMANENT YEARLY UPDATES with ENHANCED ANALYTICS.
Before, During, and After the event.
AIRSTAGE is 100% free for Fans.

Artist AIRSTAGE Basic is free. (Fees Are Charged Monthly)
For a Limited Time Airstage Is Free
Pricing starts 1 January 2023
Artist AIRSTAGE Pro is a paid subscription at $7.99 US Dollars.
The Premium option of Airstage Pro is $7.99 USD and it will provide the Artist complete access to their
bank account to receive support from their fans, information about the best venues to find a place to
perform, access to AirstageTV, and get noticed more easily by producers.
Artists will also benefit from enhanced analytics of their performances and fans.

AIRSTAGE Small Venues Capacity 0-100 is $19.99 per month
AIRSTAGE Medium Venues Capacity 100-250 is $29.99 per month
AIRSTAGE Large Venues Capacity 250-500 is $59.99 per month
AIRSTAGE XL Large Venues Capacity 500-1500 is $99.99 per month
AIRSTAGE Arenas Capacity 1500+ is $159.99 per month
AIRSTAGE FESTIVAL Plans Contact Us For Pricing

AirstageTV coming soon is our Live Entertainment Network.
AIRSTAGE Venues Basic + AirstageTV* is $99.99 USD.
AIRSTAGE Venues Basic + AirstageTV* with Airstage's Audio-Visual System Hardware is $149.99 USD.

*AirstageTV coming soon!
It works in different ways.

For the Artist, they will receive points every time someone downloads the app from your QR code,
every time you do a concert.
AirstageTV coming soon is our Live Entertainment Network.
You’ll get 50 AIRSTAGE points (AS).

For the Fan each time you support/donate an Artist you get 100 AIRSTAGE points (ASP).
Each time you check-in in person at a live event, even free, you get 50 AS points.
Each time you upload a photo or 15 seconds videos from your phone on Airstage events you get 20 ASP
(means I take 100 photos I’ll get 2000 ASP).
You can redeem these points later for VIP access or merchandise in the future.
More to come ☺
You will (for example) receive prizes from a free drink to a gift card (who will pay for the free drink?).
The prizes vary depending on how you interact!


Tap the Icon Settings Button in the upper right-hand corner.
This takes you to “Manage Your Account.”
Now enter your First Name, Last Name, Artist Name.
Now select your Genre - anything from Music, Dance, Comedy, or Spoken-Word.
You can add up to 5 different Genres.
Phone number (optional)
If you need to change your password simply type in the old one.
Enter the new one and confirm it.
Finally, enter a brief description of your act.
Don’t forget to SAVE your changes.
Go back to your home page and press Content.
Here you can add Albums, Photos/Videos, and Music.
Tap the Icon Settings Button in the upper right-hand corner.
Tap on Payment Settings.
Tap on receive payments.
Fill in your bank account details.
Complete all fields.
You will be directed to our Stripe webpage, where you will fill out all fields.
Fill in your credit or debit card details to be able to book another artist to work with you.
Filling in your bank account details allows you to:
Receive support from Fans
Get booked by a Fan, a Venue, or a Festival Organizer.
Receive payments from Airstage’s gamification program.
Tap on the Calendar icon at the bottom of the screen.
Choose between creating now or schedule a future event.
For a future event select the date and time and duration.
Type in event name.
Then choose your event genre and location.
Select ENABLE STREAMING button to stream your performance with our GO LIVE Feature.
Describe your Event Details and optionally add Photos or Videos.
Share Event with your other Social Media Accounts.
Enter the Venue’s Name.
Finalize and Save.
Press the star over Events. Here you will find your past and upcoming event.
This is a record of your events to use as a marketing chip when speaking to a Venue, you can show your events.
You can show how many people came to your events, Real Public!
Your QR Code is on your Settings Page.
This is your business card.
Tap on “My QR Code.” This will generate your personal QR Code we have created.
Every time your QR Code is scanned:
AIRSTAGE is downloaded to the user’s phone as they’re directed to the Apple or Google Play stores.
There they can download the app, and after they register they are sent to your page where they automatically become your Fan.
You can share your QR Code on your social media platforms or put it on your merchandise.
You can print it on a poster and place it on a visible spot during a performance.
The QR Code is here to make it easier for you to onboard Fans and earn points!
Go to your Community page.
You have three choices: Fan Artists Venues.
You can communicate with them by text messaging.
Go to your Community page.
Press the + Icon at the top of the page.
You can share your profile link to invite
your friends and Fans from any of your Social Media networks.
You can invite them as individuals or in groups.
Go to your Community page, and there you’ll find other Artists
within the AIRSTAGE community via our in-app messaging service.
Anyone on AIRSTAGE who is searching for Live events in your performance genre.
Your Fans, the General Public, and Venues can all see your profile.
With the GO LIVE button, you can stream your event where anyone on
AIRSTAGE platforms can see your performance from their device even if they can’t be there.
When you set up your event press the streaming available button,
this will allow you to stream your performance to all who follow you.
When your event is about to start press the GO LIVE button.
And that’s it, now you can do your show.
This page tells you how many Fans you have, how many hours you’ve performed,
and how much money you’ve earned through AIRSTAGE.
With our Analytics, you can find what type of Fans are coming to your events.
AIRSTAGE has created a gamification concept that offers points
to Artists and Fans for using AIRSTAGE.
As an Artist or Venue, you can use our Gamification Concept
to offer prizes to your Fans.
As Artist
- You can see how their supports/donate, book, or pay when it was processed, and how much, all this is in your timeline on the app.

- You can see on each of your Fan profile the amount they "invested" in you by supporting, booking, or giving you payments.

- You can check your logs of total payments in your Stripe account.

- You will receive an email notification from Stripe each time you receive support, a booking, or a payment.

As Fan
- You receive an email notification from Stripe each time you make support, booking, or payment.

Personal Settings

In the Settings Page you will find social networks.
You can choose which social networks to connect to
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
You’ll need each social account’s URL to connect.
Be sure to SAVE your changes.
As a Fan or Venue
Tap on Payments Settings.
Fill in your bank card details.
Complete all fields.
As a Fan, a Venue, or a Festival organizer you can book
any of our Artists through Stripe our money transfer system.
You have a notification section in your personal settings where you can choose
how you receive information from AIRSTAGE, your Fans, Venues, or other Artists.
Organize your chat room and Booking information….
Fans and Venues can negotiate with Artists for their
Events through the AIRSTAGE payment system.
Payments and Events are accepted or rejected through negotiation.
Further clarification*
*Terms and Conditions
When the Artist arrives and Checks-in at the Event, the payment is transferred
by Stripe to your account within 5 hours after your event start time.
Both Venue / Fan must transfer funds 2 weeks in advance of the event,
to Airstage through our Stripe account for the Event's confirmation.
The Artist and Booker can negotiate the price before you confirm
the event's amount and price in Airstage's Booking section of the app.
As Fan or Venue, you will receive an email notification from
Stripe each time you make support, booking, or payment.
The map shows you what events are going on near your location.
The list shows all the events of the Artists you are following.
Tap the Search Icon at the top right.
From here you can search by Artist or Event or by City.
Set the Search Range Radius and Period of Time.
Choose which Genre you’re interested in.
Finally, press the Show button for the listing in your area.
The GREEN icon means just an establishment.
The RED icon means a Live Airstage Event!
On your setting page, you have a Social Network page, there you can connect with your social media profiles.
Integrate your social media presence when you create an event.
At the end of creating your event, you’ll find on the 3rd page your social platforms.
Perform anytime, anywhere, and be discovered!
You can share the QR code on social media or put it on your merchandise.
You can print it on a poster and place it on a visible spot during a performance.
The QR code is here to make it easier for you to onboard Fans and earn points!
Your QR code is your businesses card!